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Find the limit of trigonometric function

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    hi there,
    just new to this form
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    You seem to have left something out. What is the question?
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    Hello theres,
    Thanks for the reply,
    I tried to copy the math equation on message board, but it didnt work, so sending as attachment, please help me to understand the concept & the way of solving calculas question,

    I appreciate your suport!


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    Looks an awful lot like homework to me. Even so, try to simplify your expressions. The question isn't actually asking about a trig function, seeing as there's no trig function there. Either something didn't show up or the question's trying to mislead you with its use of 'theta's. You can use long division of polynomials to simplify these expressions.
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    For the first use the decomposition xn-1=(x-1)(xn-1+xn-2+...1) for both the numerator and denominator and cancel out the x-1 terms.

    For the second let x=2 for both definitions of f(x) and find k so that they are equal.
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