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Find the loss for the power inversion that would take place in the UPS

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    Hey guys,

    I tried to figure this out and got a rough estimate but thought I’d ask the experts.

    I use the Sola SDU500 UPSs in our systems. A customer wants to know how long they will last if there is a power outage. I believe the power consumption for the entire system would be ~12Wh
    total load will be 205 Wh/day

    The specs for the UPS are as follows:

    · Capacity (VA/Watts): 500/300
    · Load power factor: .6
    · Back-up time: 4.5/18 (full load/half load)

    I can’t seem to find the loss for the power inversion that would take place in the UPS.

    Let me know what you think
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    Here is the data sheet


    It says 4 mins (not 4.5) at 300 watts which equals 4/60 * 300 = 20 watt-hours at full belt.

    This takes into account the conversion efficiency in the inverter.

    Don't know what your system is but do not connect a printer, particularly a laser, to this UPS as you will get spikes that will greatly degrade performance.
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