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Homework Help: Find the period of the following function

  1. Sep 19, 2006 #1
    I was asked to find the period of the following function:

    f(x)= mod(sinx)/cosx + mod(cosx)/sinx

    Since modulus is defined as sqrt(x*x),

    mod(sinx)/cosx= (sqrt(1-cosx*cosx))/ cosx
    = sqrt(1/cosx*cosx -1) //Taking cosx into the square root
    = sqrt(secx*secx-1)
    = sqrt(tanx)
    = mod(tanx)

    and similarly, mod(cosx)/sinx = mod(cotx)
    which is not possible because if either cosx or sinx are negative, then mod(cotx) or mod(tanx) will be negative.

    Could someone point our where Im went wrong?
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    1. cos(x)=sign(cos(x))*|cos(x)|
    2. sec(x)*sec(x)-1 equals tan(x) SQUARED.
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