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Homework Help: Find the total distance taken by the train.

  1. Jun 10, 2015 #1
    [ A train starting from rest accelerate at the rate of 6m/s² for 20 seconds to attain a constant speed and it traveled for another 20 seconds and decelerate at the rate of 3m/s² for 20 seconds. Calculate the total distance (in kilometer) traveled by the train.
    That's the question. I found it confusing when I was given the deceleration value.
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    Why? What's confusing about the deceleration of the train?

    The train starts from rest and accelerates to a constant speed. The train travels at this constant speed for a certain time interval. The train then slows down for another time period.

    Apply the SUVAT equations for each type of motion and add up the distances traveled.
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    In both time intervals the speed of the train is changing.
    In the first 20 s it is increasing.
    In the next 20 s it is decreasing.
    You can use the constant acceleration equations to calculate this.
    How would you change the equations to calculate for the deceleration?
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    Try doing the problem in 3 parts. Part 1: What is the distance and velocity after accelerating at 6 m/s^2 for 20 seconds? Part 2: What is the distance after traveling at the constant velocity from Part 1 for an additional 20 seconds? Part 3: What is the additional distance and the final velocity after accelerating -3 m/s^2 for an additional 20 seconds?

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