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Finding acceleration with only height and time.

  1. Oct 29, 2011 #1
    So people have been arguing about a video games new hero, saying the gravity with which corpses fly off at is too low, and it looks like "moon physics". One guy went so far as to solve for acceleration for the bodies in the video.


    At 11:06 you can see that zombie went up and over a ~10 m tree in ~3 seconds.



    So, 8*h/t^2=a

    8*10/(3^2) = a = 8.9 m/s^2 ~ equal to EARTH (Especially if you consider drag)

    In fact, to get the moons gravity of 1.624 m/s^2 the tree would need to be,

    8*h/(3^2) = 1.624 => h = 1.827 meters tall, which is likely SHORTER than out hero."

    Im confused where he got his equations, because it doesnt seem valid taht you can calculate acceleration, which is change in velocity, with only the change in distance over time.
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