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Finding m/s with revolutions and radius

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    I am confused on how to find m/s in the following problem:

    r = 2.6km
    one revolution of circle = 360s

    I need it for ac = v^2/r

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    How many radians is 1 revolution?

    How do you convert rad/sec to m/s?
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    Well one rev is always 2pi, so 2pi/360s ... I am unsure of how to convert that. I found one solution that tells me to use C = 2(pi)r and v = d/t, so d = 2(pi)(2600m)... so v = 2(pi)(2600m)/360s .... v = 45.4 m/s? Is this the best way to do the problem or am I making it too complicated?
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    That looks right to me.

    Angular velocity w = 2 pi / 360, and v is rw

    that w is meant to be an omega
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    ah, I see. v = rw does seem a lot more simple than what I did though
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