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Homework Help: Finding the electron increases if we go towards the nucleus?

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    Is it true that the probability of finding the electron (s-electron) increases if we go towards the nucleus? then what accounts for its stability from not being attracted by the nucleus n collapsing into it..its a basic question but i dont have an idea now!! Is it just the concept of constant orbits in which electron doesnt lose or gain energy??more info pls!!
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    Tom Mattson

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    Only up to the Bohr radius.

    After that the probability decreases towards zero. I suspect that you are confused because you are looking at the square modulus of the wave function and you see that it increases monotonically as [itex]r \rightarrow 0[/itex]. But you have to remember that that probability density function must be weighted by the factor [itex]4\pi r^2[/itex]. This weighted probability density is the so-called radial probability density, and it attains its maximum value at the Bohr radius.
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