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Finding the inverse of two functions

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    How do I find the inverse of these functions step by step?

    y= e^-x^3

    y= sin(1/x)

    I know the solutions but I don't know how to work with these two functions. Does anyone know the steps to finding the inverse of these?
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    The goal is to solve for x in terms of y.

    What can you do to both sides of y = e^(-x^3) that would be a logical first step?

    For the second function, y = sin(1/x), is there a restriction on the domain? As it's written, this function is not invertible because it's many-to-one. For example, there are infinitely many x for which sin(1/x) = 0, namely x = 1/(n*pi) for any nonzero integer n.
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    How do you find the inverse of any function, in general?
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