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Finding the particular solution of DE

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    I have a nonhomogeneous DE and wants to find the particular solution for Asin(x)sin(t)

    Is there any tips in using method of undetermined coefficient to guess the particular solution of this?
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    Is this a partial differential equation or is one of x and t the dependent variable so that you have a nonlinear equation? In either case "undetermined coefficients" doesn't apply here.
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    the question is asking us to solve this nonhomogeneous problem:

    Utt = Uxx + sin(x)sint(t)

    and I think in one step of the calculations, we need to find the general solution of sin(x)sin(t) along with the particular solution.

    Or is there another way to approach this question?
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    Stipulate that U(x,t)=X(x)T(t). Then you can separate into 2 ODEs.
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    Sorry, I guess I should be more specified.
    It asked us to use the Fourier Series Method.
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