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In mathematics, an ordinary differential equation (ODE) is a differential equation containing one or more functions of one independent variable and the derivatives of those functions. The term ordinary is used in contrast with the term partial differential equation which may be with respect to more than one independent variable.

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  1. H

    Mathematica How to check a particular solution of System of Linear ODEs?

    If I have been given a system of inhomogeneous linear ODEs, $$ \vec{x'} = \begin{bmatrix} 4 & -1 \\ 5 & -2 \\ \end{bmatrix} \vec{x} + \begin{bmatrix} 18e^{2t} \\ 30e^{2t}\\ \end{bmatrix} $$ I have found its particular solution to be: $$ 1/4 \begin{bmatrix} -31e^{2t} - 25e^{6t} \\ 85e^{2t} -...
  2. WyattKEllis

    Diff. Eq. — Identifying Particular Solution Given solution family

    I identified the root 1 with multiplicity 1 and the root 2 with multiplicity 1. So The characteristic equation is ((m-1)^2)*(m-2)=0. Simplifying and substituting with y I found: y'''-4y''+5y'-2y=0. So now I've realized that this is actually describing y(t)=(C1)*(e^t)+(C2)*(e^t)+(C3)*(e^2t) and...
  3. H

    Ansatz for particular solution - Inhomogenous diff equation

    Homework Statement I am trying to solve 2nd order in-homogeneous equation of y(x) (given below). I was able to get the Homogeneous solution , but i am not able to create the Ansatz for the particular solution. It would be really helpful if anyone suggests an Ansatz for this equation and also...
  4. R

    Integral form of Particular solution question

    Homework Statement I'm fine with the first part. Part b) is causing me trouble http://imgur.com/xA9CG5G Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I tried subbing in the solution y1 into the given equation, but I'm not sure how to differentiate this, i thought of using integration by parts...
  5. karush

    MHB -17.2.10 y_p is a particular solution

    $y''+2y'=3x$ $y_p = \frac{3}{4}x^2 - \frac{3}{4}x$, $y(0)=y'(0)=0$$r^2 + 2r = 0$ $r(r-2)=0$ $r=0$ $r=2$ more steps... $\textrm{mml final answer}$ $y=\frac{3}{8}\left(1-e^{-2x}\right)+\frac{3}{4}x^2 - \frac{3}{4}x$
  6. S

    Is there a typo in x_1 for the particular solution in this answer?

    Homework Statement In question #1(b)'s answer, should x_1 = 4 (instead of -4)? Homework Equations PDF of problem #1(b): https://www.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/public/programs/disciplines/math/exams/201-nyc-05-computer_science-winter2011.pdf Reduced row echelon form of the matrix I obtained from the...
  7. P

    Particular Solution of A Coupled and Driven Oscillator

    Homework Statement Consider two masses m connected to each other and two walls by three springs with spring constant k. The left mass is subject to a driving force ## F_d\cos(2 \omega t) ## and the right to ## 2F_d\cos(2 \omega t) ## Homework Equations Writing out the coupled equations: $$...
  8. goonking

    What exactly is a null solution and particular solution?

    Homework Statement Lets say for example, we are given: dy/dx - 4y = 2 or y' - 4y = 2 , y(0) = 4 => M= e^(-4t) e^(-4t) y' - 4e^(-4t)y = 2 e^(-4t) e^(-4t) y = -1/2 [ e^-4t ] + Cy = -1/2 + Ce^4tWhen t = 0, y = 4 4 = -1/2 + CC = 4.5therefore... y =...
  9. ltkach2015

    BIBO/Stable Systems: True/False Q&A on Homogenous & Particular Solutions

    ASSUMPTIONS: BIBO/stable systems NOTE: zero here does not mean the roots of the denominator in a transfer functionTRUE/FALSE -Please provide feedback- some answers are based on ODE example listed below 1/True) The Homogenous Solution is either zero or transient.; i.e. it can never be steady...
  10. ltkach2015

    Homogenous Solution Represents the Transient Response Right?

    CONCEPTUAL QUESTIONS: -Does the Homogenous Solution represent the Transient Response? Let me specify. For a N-DOF spring, mass, and damper mechanical system: -Does the Homogenous Solution represent the Transient Response for given mechanical system? MY ANSWER: Yes. ASSUMPTIONS: -only...
  11. M

    How to Solve a Second Order Nonhomogeneous Differential Equation?

    Homework Statement Find a particular solution of y"-5y'+6y=-e^(x)[(4+6x-x^2)cosx-(2-4x+3x^2)sinx]. Homework Equations None. The Attempt at a Solution yp=e^(x)[(Ax^2+Bx+C)(cosx-sinx)] y'p=e^(x)[(Ax^2+Bx+C)(-sinx-cosx)+(2Ax+B)(cosx-sinx)]+e^(x)[(Ax^2+Bx+C)(cosx-sinx)]...
  12. M

    Find a particular solution of y"+2y'+y=8x^2*cosx-4xsinx

    Homework Statement Find a particular solution of y"+2y'+y=8x^2*cosx-4xsinx. The answer is yp=-(14-10x)cosx-(2+8x-4x^2)sinx. Homework Equations None. The Attempt at a Solution r^2+2r+1=0 (r+1)^2=0 r=-1, -1 y=Axe^(-x)+Be^(-x) So what should the initial guess yp be for this problem? How to find...
  13. faradayscat

    Differential equations particular solution

    Homework Statement Particular solution of y" - y' - 2y = e^(2x) Homework Equations None The Attempt at a Solution This makes no sense to me, why do I have to use the solution of the form y(t) = cxe^(2x) For the problem above, but when I switch the signs and it becomes y" - y' + 2y =...
  14. faradayscat

    What is the interval for the particular solution?

    Homework Statement dy/dx = (9x²)/(9y²-11) , y(1)=0 Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I've found the particular solution: 3y³-11y = 3x³-3 The solution is defined for -⅓√11<y<⅓√11, What about the x values? Plugging the y values into the equation doesn't work of course..
  15. Just_some_guy

    General Solution from Particular Solution

    Just a question about the theory of solutions to differential equations? Given a second order differential equation and two particular solutions y1 and y2, what is the best way to find the general solution? i.e variation of parameters or something else
  16. kostoglotov

    Need help understanding an aspect of undetermined coeff's

    imgur link: http://i.imgur.com/8TOXi9t.png I am comfortable with the need to multiply the polynomial in front of e^{2x} by x^3, that makes perfect sense in terms of what the text has already said about how no term in the particular solution should duplicate a term in the complementary solution...
  17. ognik

    MHB Please check this particular solution excercise

    Given $y'' + 3y'-4y= sin \omega t $, I used an ansatz of $y_p = A sin \omega t + B cos \omega t$ $\therefore y' = A \omega cos \omega t -B \omega sin \omega t, y'' = -A \omega^2 sin \omega t - B \omega^2 cos \omega t $ Substituting and equating coefficients, I get $ -A \omega^2 - 3B \omega -...
  18. B

    Particular Solution to Non-homogeneous Second Order DE

    Homework Statement Find a particular solution to ##y'' - 3y' + 2y = 6x^2## I don't understand how/why the value of c has been determined. I'm hoping it is a mistake in the solution, but knowing me, it's probably my mistake. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution assume a solution of the...
  19. M

    MHB Particular Hey! :o - 65 Characters

    Hey! :o Suppose we have a non-homogeneous differential equation $Ly=f$ in the ring of exponential sums $\mathbb{C}[e^{\lambda x} \mid \lambda \in \mathbb{C}]$, then $f=\alpha_ie^{b_i x}$, right? When $b_i$ is a root of the characteristic equation of the homogeneous equation of multiplicity...
  20. dumbdumNotSmart

    Finding the Particular solution to a Diff. Eq. System

    Mentor note: moved from mathematics forums, therefore no homework template Hello mates. I have a System of Differential Equations on my hands. $$ W' = \left(\begin{matrix} 4 & 2 \\ 2 & 4 \end{matrix} \right) W + \begin{pmatrix} 6 \\6 \end{pmatrix}$$ where transposed W is (x y z). I have found...
  21. S

    Particular solution to linear nonhomogeneous equation

    Homework Statement I started learning about solving non homogeneous linear differential equations in class and I am a bit clueless on how to solve them since I've never had a prior experience with much of differential equation. I am trying to find the particular solutions to the equation...
  22. M

    MHB Non homogeneous differential equation - Particular solution

    Hey! :o When we have the non-homogeneous differential equation $$ay''(x)+by'(x)+cy(x)=f(x)$$ and the non-homogeneous term $f(x)$ is of the form $e^{mx}P_n(x)$ we know that the particular solution is $$y_p=x^k(A_0+A_1x+ \dots +A_nx^n)e^{mx}$$ where $k$ is the multiplicity of the eigenvalue...
  23. jdawg

    Guessing the particular solution

    Homework Statement Find both a particular solution yp (via the method of educated guess) and a general solution y. y(2)-6y(1)=25sin(6x)Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution This was my guess: yp(x)=Asin(6x) I then took derivatives, plugged them in, and simplified to get this...
  24. A

    Find Particular Solution for x = 120 cos 6t

    how can I find the particular solution for something like this x = 120 cos 6t I know how to find a particular solution for equations like x''+x'+x=0, you can easily find the characteristic equation then find the particular solution, but I have no idea how to deal with an equation like that..
  25. Alex Ruiz

    Finding a Homogeneous D.E. that has a particular solution

    Homework Statement The problem reads: Find a homogeneous linear differential equation with constant coefficients that has the following particular solution: yp = e^(-t) + 2te^(t) + t^(2)e^(t) - sin(3t) Express your equation in differential operator form. (Hint: What annihilators would...
  26. riveay

    Giving values to angular velocity

    Homework Statement Solve: A*sin(ωt + Θ) = L*i''(t) + R*i'(t) + (1/C)*i(t). Where: A=2, L = 1, R=4, 1/C = 3 and Θ=45°. Homework Equations The system has to be solved by i(t) = ih + ip. I gave the values to A, L, R, 1/C and Θ. I can also give values to ω, but I've come to a doubt when solving...
  27. V

    MHB Finding particular solution to recurrence relation

    Hi, I have a question about how to find the particular solutions when trying to solve recurrence relations. For example, trying to solve an+2 = -4an + 8n2n , I begin with finding the roots in the characteristic polynomial associated with the homogeneous equation, so r1 = 2i and r2 = -2i...
  28. K

    Derive gen sol of non-homogeneous DEs through linear algebra

    Hello, I noticed that the solution of a homogeneous linear second order DE can be interpreted as the kernel of a linear transformation. It can also be easily shown that the general solution, Ygeneral, of a nonhomogenous DE is given by: Ygeneral = Yhomogeneous + Yparticular My question: Is it...
  29. R

    Setting up particular solution for nonhomogenous diff eq'n

    Given the nonhomogenous differential equation y'' + 3y' + 2y = -10e^(3t), the roots are r = -2 & -1, & the characteristic eq'n is yc(x) = c1e^(-2t) + c2e^(-t) How do we go about setting up the particular solution? There is no repetition between terms so I know that we do not add a variable...
  30. T

    General Solution of a Poisson Equation of a magnetic array

    Hi, I'll give some background, say you've got a planar structure of thickness 'd', lying on the z plane. Also say the upper and lower surfaces are y = 0 and y = -d, respectively. The structure has scalar potentials inside it as so: As you can see the vector fields cancel out on one side, As it...
  31. S

    MHB Use Variation of Parameters to find a particular solution

    Can someone verify that my answer is correct ? Thanks in advance. Use Variation of Parameters to find a particular solution to $y'' - y = e^t$ Solution: $y_p = \frac{1}{2}te^t - \frac{1}{4} e^t$
  32. S

    MHB Using the Method of Undetermined Coefficients to find a particular solution

    Note that the general solution to $y'' - y = 0$ is $y_h = C_1e^t + C_2e^{-t}$ In the following, use the Method of Undetermined Coefficients to find a particular solution. a)$y'' - y = t^2$ So here is what I have so far $y_p = At^2 + Bt + C$ $(y_p)'' = 2A$ Ive got $A = -1, B = 0 , C = 0$ so...
  33. J

    How to Effectively Solve for the Particular Solution in Differential Equations?

    I have an exam in 2 days and I am still getting confused on how to find yp , the particular solution. for example y''+ 4y = 9te^t+ 4 or tsin(2t) + 2 Is it only by guessing and that's it? I still can't answer these questions 100% correctly. I would like to have your advises to find the best...
  34. K

    Using Undetermined Coefficients to solve an equation for a particular solution?

    Homework Statement y'' + 9y = 3sin(3x) + 3 + e^{3x} Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution This is my first post here so let me know if I've done anything wrong, I've been looking at questions here for a long time though ^^. So the problem asks me to solve for one particular solution...
  35. G

    I am sorry, I cannot provide a title as it would require giving away the answer.

    Homework Statement Find the particular solution of the differential equation that satisfies the initial condition. dx/dy = e^x+y x(1) = 0 Homework Equations it does specifically state dx/dy not dy/dx The Attempt at a Solution dx/dy= e^x *e^y 1/e^x dx=e^y dy...
  36. mathworker

    MHB Particular solution for Ax=b

    I am studying Introduction to linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang while calculating the particular solution P for $Ax=b$,he made the free variables $0$ to calculate the particular solution and said that P along with linear combinations of null space solutions make up the complete set. I understood...
  37. E

    1st order, nonhomogeneous, linear DE - particular solution

    I know nothing about DEs, so this may be a silly question. I'm given some time varying (x_t)_t and a constant r, and I want to solve the equation u_t = rx_t + \dot u_t for u. What I know so far is that (solving the homogeneous equation) if \bar u is some particular solution, then any u is...
  38. W

    Struggling with ODE: Find Particular Solution y(0)=1

    i am having issues solving an ODE it is given as y'= (1-2y-4x)/(1+y+2x) I've been told to find the particular solution when y(0)=1 please help
  39. B

    Find a particular solution for a non-homogeneous differential equation

    Find a particular solution for the following equation: y"+2y'+y=12.5e-t I'm not sure on which method to use. Here's my attempt using the undetermined coefficients method: →y"+2y'+y=12.5e-t r2+2r+1=0 r=-1 *not even sure if this part is useful →yp=e-t yp'=-e-t yp"=e-t...
  40. P

    Nonhomogeneous system particular solution.

    Homework Statement Verify that the vector functions x_{1}=\begin{bmatrix}e^{t}\\ e^{t}\end{bmatrix} and x_{2}=\begin{bmatrix}e^{-t}\\ 3e^{-t}\end{bmatrix} are solutions to the homogeneous system x'=Ax=\begin{bmatrix}2 & -1 \\ 3 & -2 \end{bmatrix} on (-\infty ,\infty ) and that x_{p}...
  41. C

    Find the particular solution to Dy/Dx = 3x^2 + 1

    Find the particular solution to Dy/Dx = 3x^2 + 1 when y(0) = 3 I've looked everywhere for steps to solve this problem, and every website I have been to has taught me how to do a question like this when each side has a Y (is separable) but I can't find out how to do one like the question above...
  42. M

    Finding the particular solution to the differential equation

    Homework Statement Please see attachment Homework Equations Please see attachment The Attempt at a Solution Please see attachment. I am supposed to compare coefficients but it doesn't seem possible. what do I do next? (also, if i have posted this in the wrong forum...I...
  43. S

    Write the complete solution as the particular solution plus any multip

    Homework Statement Could someone please help me do this problem?: “Write the complete solution as x_p plus any multiple of s in the nullspace: x + 3y + 3z = 1 2x + 6y + 9z = 5 –x – 3y + 3z = 5” The answer is x = x_p + x_n = {{-2},{0},{1}} + x_2 {{-3, 1, 0}}. Homework Equations Ax...
  44. S

    Difference between particular integral and particular solution?

    difference between particular integral and particular solution..?? particular integral and particular solution are used to find the solution of differential equation..but sometimes they are used interchangeably but what's the difference between two..?? please state examples..!
  45. R

    How to make a gel for/of a particular solution?

    Hi! I performed the blue bottle experiment using Methylene Blue, water, NaOH and Glucose. The reaction went fine but I have planned to make a gel of the reactants EXCLUDING glucose and then add glucose in controlled amounts to this gel to see the effects. I know it may sound like an...
  46. I

    Difference between unique solution and particular solution

    Homework Statement For 1st order linear ordinary differential equation, how do "unique solution" and "particular solution" differ? Homework Equations if dy/dx = f(x,y) and partial f(x,y) with respect to y are both continuous, then there exists a unique solution within a region R...
  47. M

    Find the appropriate particular solution.

    Homework Statement Find the appropiate particular solution form for y''' - y'' - 12y' = x - 2x*e^-(3x) DO NOT SOLVE FOR THE COEFFICIENTS Homework Equations Just guessing proper solution forms for nonhomogeneous second order D.Es with undetermined coefficients. The Attempt at a Solution...
  48. 1

    Engineering Solve Particular Solution for R3 in Circuit with V1=V2=L1=L2=0

    1. Homework Statement The problem says: For the next circuit obtain a particular solution for R3 when v1=v2=l1=l2=0 at t=0. vs= cos(wt) dc source= 10v *R3 is the 1k resistor. http://postimage.org/image/fxtu2blaf/ 2. Homework Equations Kirchoff current law...
  49. L

    Finding particular solution to differential equations

    There are two questions that I am trying to solve on web assignment. The goal is to find a general form of a particular solution to each ODE. The question asks me to represent all constants in the solution using "P,Q,R,S,T..etc.", in that order. 1. y'''-9y''+14y'=x2 2. y''-9y'+14y=x2e4x...