Finding the resultant and eq. for 3 vector on one point

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    I need help with this hw problem.
    1st vector: 80 N & 180 degree
    2nd vector: 40 N & 145 degree
    3rd vector: 50 N & -50 degree

    And I need to find the resultant and the Eq. Where do I start and how do I do it please include answer as I'm confuse and I have a quiz on this soon. thanks

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  3. rl.bhat

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    Hi needhelp 1, welcome to PF.
    Do you know how to find the components of a vector along x and y axis?
    If you know find the components and find ΣFx and ΣFy. Then find the resultant.
  4. Thx for the quick reply! Can you guild me through? I don't understand this chapter. I was sick during the week due to a bad flu.
  5. rl.bhat

    rl.bhat 4,435
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    If A is a vector which makes an angle θ with the x axis, what is Ax and Ay?
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