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Fishing rod mechanics and curvature calculations

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    i am trying to make a piece of stainless steel of varying thickness bend in such a way that it creates a cam profile in much the same way a fishing rod works.

    for example if the thick end has a 5mm by 10mm cross section and the thin end is 1mm by 10mm crosssection and the change in thickness is uniform down the length then a certain profile will be induced when the beam is bent if the thick end is fixed.

    if the transition from 5mm to 1 mm is not uniform i.e. the first 100mm of the beam is 5mm and the last 100mm is 1mm then a different profile would be induced when bent about the thick end.

    i need a method of calculating what rate of change in thickness i need to give a certain profile?

    can anyone help?

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    Finite Element Analysis!!

    Hmm deriving the variation of cross section from the deformed geometry is sorta reverse of what the usual trend is. But it can surely be done with a sound understanding of the subject.
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    are you asking for more detail or saying you dont have the knowledge in this area?!
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    From what I understand, the deflection in a beam is a 4th order ordinary differential equation. I would assume that if you assume a function for the displacement, then you can integrate (or maybe derivate) to obtain a function for the moment of inertia.
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    I am telling you the easiest way out. Just crunch in numbers in a software & wollaa.(hit & trial method)

    Exactly. I just thought that would be a bit too much maths.

    there you go...
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