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Fitting Data Imported into Mathematica from Excel

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    Can you fit data that is imported into Mathematica 8? I am just using the Import command, and I cannot figure out how to work with this data. I would really like to fit my curve. This is the code I used to import the data: Import[datafile.xlsx"]
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    If your Excel sheet is big then make up a smaller example sheet, something with perhaps half a dozen rows should be enough to show what it is you want to fit.

    Then in Mathematica do the Import.

    Select the In[1]:= and Out[1]= cells by clicking on the thin little cell bracket along the far right edge of the notebook. Copy that to the clipboard. Paste that into a reply here.

    Then add a bit of text at the bottom of that reply explaining what kind of function you want to Fit to this, a straight line?, a parabola?, some fairly specific simple concrete function you want to fit.

    With that it should be fairly simple for someone to take a moment and show you a line or two of code to do what you want.
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