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Fluid dynamics - mass flow rate -dimensionless number

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    (a) Is it true that if the mass flow rate of a gas is low, say 2g/s (grams per second), the friction losses and other losses in the piping will be negligible?

    (b) If it is true that losses in the piping are negligible, is it the Euler's dimensionless number that we can use to prove this?

    (c) If it is the Euler's dimensionless number, please indicate the proof. If it is not Euler, which one is it?

    (d) Is it true that at such low mass flow rates, the main driving force is the vapour pressure of the gas?
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    If this is homework, please move it to the homework forum.

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    At least throw an attempt and we'd be more likely to help you. Have you non-dimensionalized the governing equations? What terms do you see as constants?
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    I haven't tried anything. I am looking for leads to point me in the right direction. The information I put about Euler is what I think it might be conceptually. But actually working it out I haven't tried.
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    Well as I mentioned, non-dimensionalize the equations, using standard non-dimensional terms and you immediately see what terms are driving. What terms can be driving if certain conditions are met.
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