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Fluid Mechanics textbook Recommendations - 1st year Mech Eng

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    I've done a search and I know that other people have askled for a good textbook for fluid mechanics for a 1st year Mech Eng student however, I'd like to find one with a lot of worked example ploblems.

    I'm finding my course notes are too far a jump from the simple examples our lecturer gives compaired to the harder tutorial questions.

    I faced a similar problem last term when I bought a book for statics. It had plenty of pronlems but no worked soultions for the harder end of chapter questions and I struggled.

    We have been recommended the following books:
    Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics - B.R. young
    Introduction to Fluid Mechanics - Fox R.W.

    Are there any books that would suit my style of learning of looking at worked examples?

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    you mean digging online?
    The lecturer wont put up the solutions untill 1 week before the exams
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    I actually found Young's book to be a good explanation, especially when combined with "Fluids Learn ChemE" video series out of the university of Colorado - boulder. You can youtube the videos or watch them on iTunesU.
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