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Focus on courses or work with high school teachers

  1. Jun 14, 2009 #1
    I have my BA in physics and two years of graduate work at Auburn. I had an excellent experience there as a TA, but my own courses suffered. Quite a bit of my time was spent messing around in the intro lab. I am currently accepted at University of Alabama Huntsville to start up with their physics program in the fall.


    Recently, I was offered a position back at Auburn as their "science in motion" person. Basically, I would drive a van around and facilitate moving lab equipment around high-schools. Also, I would be responsible for training teachers in using the equipment. From what I've seen so far, this job would pay very well.

    First off, would a kid of 26 have trouble teaching and training teachers that may be decades his senior? This, however, isn't my main concern.

    Should I do "science in motion", or go back to being a full time student?

    I really enjoy living in Huntsville here. I'd be able to get an MS sooner and eventually a PhD. I don't really mind living like a student for a few more years; finances aren't a problem for now.

    On the other hand, the pay would be really good. The offerer mistakenly thought I already held my masters and estimated the compensation at 50K. This would be great experience should my end goal be within education. I might be able to take a course or two free of tuition.

    My temporary goal is to eventually obtain a PhD and find a small, rural college at which to teach. Obviously, this is only a small part of the whole story, but which road would you take?
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  3. Jun 15, 2009 #2
    Note that once your lack of a MS does become known, your offered compensation package could be lower. You may want to look into this as you consider your options.
  4. Jun 15, 2009 #3
    I think that says it all, and if after earning 50k for a few years you decide to pursue grad school, then the added cushion of money and maturity will make it much easier.
  5. Jun 15, 2009 #4
    Well, let's say for a minute money wasn't an issue. What would be best as far as experience to eventually end up in education?
  6. Jun 16, 2009 #5
    The "science in motion" thing sounds like fun, and the money is excellent! If you like doing it why not do it for a few years? The economy is rock bottom at the moment, jobs are hard to get. If you have a physics job in the hand I would go for it, unless the ones in the bush look twice as good...
  7. Jun 16, 2009 #6
    I think I'll gopher it. It's too bad, I was really beginning to enjoy living in Huntsville.
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