Force Calculation in deflecting a sheet metal part

  1. Hi

    Could anyone help me in calculating the force required to deflect a sheet metal part (see attached excel file for details)

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    Hi sree. I've attached your spreadsheet with a couple of questions. If the U portion is constrained such that it doesn't move much, and if all the bending is occuring between the dimple and the point indicated, then this is a simple beam in bending and you can use the calculation on the second tab to determine stress, load and deflection.

    If those assumptions are incorrect, then you'll need to clarify how this part works.

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  4. Thanks Q Goest. Appreciate your help. Your input has helped a lot.
  5. hey hi .. what formula for force calculation can be used inorder to deflect a simple flat membrane provided the opposite edges are fixed.
    actually i used this one .
    deflection = -alpha *load per unit area* length^4/E* thickness^3
    but im not getting desired results
    is there any alternate formula for it ??
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