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B Force required to bend/dent aluminum

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    For my physics class we have to show an example of bad physics in a movie. I am doing Mad Max 2: The road Warrior and the scene where the gyro captain crashes his ultralight helicopter but the helicopter is completely undamaged as he drives it later in the movie. I need to know what the force to dent aluminum would be assuming that he crashed with a 45 degree angle with the ground. I was going to use impulse as he goes from just over 56ft/s to 0 in .13s and use that to find force and we assume his plane weighs 500lbs.
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    Not my field but I don't think it's that simple to calculate. Perhaps it would be easier approach it from an energy perspective. Compare the energy the gyrocopter has with a typical car crash or calculate the equivalent amount of dynamite.
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    Thank You! I actually decided to compare it to car crashes from the 1950s as that was the pre"crumple zone" era
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