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Force required to compress or extend a helical spring.

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    Is force required to compress or extend a helical spring is same or different.

    For example a spring has spring rate of 450 N/mm, so if in compression if 450 N is required to produce 1 mm displacement from free position whether in tension same 450 N force will be required to produce 1 mm displacement from free position or this force value would be different ?
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    In theory, it is the same. In practice, it is extremely close to the same so long as you stay well below the yield strength of the material.
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    Are you sure that these values will be same?
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    Yes, they will be the same.
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    In addition to approaching the yield strength, there will be a stiffness non-linearity in compression as the spring approaches its fully-compressed length, when self-contact occurs.
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    it depends by the spring. There are springs with different rates.
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    Also depends on how the spring is coiled.

    If it is tightly coiled then compression is more likely to cause buckling than axial compression. In which case a simple Hooke's law assumtion will be invalid.
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