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Forgot to Drop a Class

  1. May 12, 2013 #1
    Forgot to Drop a Class....

    I went to a CC (two actually, at the same time), and I had signed up for an online English class, and had thought I dropped it, and I apparently didn't. I've got no idea, I'm gonna have to talk to a counselor on Monday, since that is the last day of classes (grades are due by the end of May).

    So, I have a big ZERO in that class.

    Any advice? I'm pretty angry about it. I'm transferring to a state university, and now they're gonna see a zero on my transcript.
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    I think talking to the cordinator and HOD of the class is the only thing you can do and see how it goes from there.
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    How could you seriously have had no clue whatsoever that you were still registered for that class? You didn't receive any kind of school emails pertaining to the class or see any kind of financial statements reflecting your enrollment or anything? Nothing? I'm not trying to upset you or anything, honestly. I simply can't understand how someone serious about school could be so disconnected from their own academics. As for advice, well, I would imagine that you should still be fine so long as you meet all of the admission requirements for the school you're transferring to. Obviously, it will still reflect poorly, but I think you'll be fine as long as you still have time to graduate with a good GPA.
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    It seems there's often a 'personal statement' type essay in which you can include information explaining why you have an F in this class. A simple statement that you just forgot to drop the class is basically all you can do.
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    I'm going to a counselor tomorrow, who will likely send me to the Dean of Students (she had already sent me there when I went to ask about a class).

    My GPA is 3.1 from taking three classes (not including this failed class). On the student account they give everyone, I still had updates for it, along with updates for my other classes. I had heard from other students that sometimes classes will remain on your account, even after you complete or drop them.

    The university I'm transferring to doesn't ask for any essays, only a transcript of all post secondary classes, and a HS diploma.
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