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Form of the solution of wave equation

  1. Jun 13, 2007 #1
    It is just a mere question...Can we write the solution of wave equation as
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    You can figure this out by yourself. Does it satisfy the wave equation?
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    well let us say f = g(ax +- bt)
    df/dx = a . (dg/dx)
    d2f/dx2(second derivative) = a^2 . (d2g/dx2)


    d2f/dt2 = -+ b^2 . (d2g/dt2)

    which clearly points to the differential eqn. of a wave.

    only see that :

    1: it is differentiable at every point
    2: it is continuous at all points
    3: it is defined at all points

    this is all necessary for double differentiating.
    i hope i have cleared your doubts.
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