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Formaldehyde and boiling points

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    Hi guys. I'm looking for boiling points of solutions with Formadehyde and Water.

    I found on ilo.org (http://www.ilo.org/public/english/protection/safework/cis/products/icsc/dtasht/_icsc06/icsc0695.htm) the boiling point of the solution Formaldehyde 37% (and the rest Water), it's 98 Degrees Celcius.

    I would like to know the boiling point of a solution with Formaldehyde 37%, Methanol 1% (and the rest water), as well as of the Formaldehyde 26% or Formaldehyde 23% (and the rest water).
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    You need to have the boiling point elevation constant [tex]K_{b}[/tex] for formaldehyde I believe.

    Now, I'd expect the boiling-point elevation equation to work -
    [tex]\Delta[/tex][tex]T_{b}[/tex] = i [tex]K_{b}[/tex] M

    i is 1 for all non-electrolytes.

    M is the molality, moles of solute/kg of solvent

    Boiling point of pure formaldehyde is around -19.3 celsius, 30g/mol

    Hope this helps!
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