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A Formula for calculating neutron flux?

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    I have a liquid scintillator, the electronics system, and a beam of neutrons from a reactor. How do I calculate the neutron flux? Cold anybody give me a formula or equation? Not this equation: phi = n X v, where phi - flux, n = number of neutrons per cm3, v = velocity of the neutrons, because I don't know how to get any of these information. Please Help!
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    You will need some values from somewhere. From your experiment, from the people operating the reactor, from other detectors - something. You cannot calculate a number without any information.
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    Thanks for your reply! COuld you tell me what those informations/parameters should be so I can go look for those values?
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    From your description, and previous threads, this seems to be fairly high level experimental project. In which case, just ask someone at your lab.

    The neutron flux will depend on a bunch of factors, and as mfb points out, you can find it from a variety of places, but it comes down to either measuring it, or asking someone who has already measured it.
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