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Homework Help: FORTRAN: Problem with converting reals to integers

  1. Sep 20, 2011 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I'm trying to convert data that's entered as a real number into integer data to be used in a do loop. The problem is that it keeps telling me that the numbers I've just converted are not scalar integers...

    3. The attempt at a solution

    program interest
    REAL :: r !Monthly interest rate
    REAL :: pay !Montyly Payment Amount
    REAL :: p !Initial loan amount (Money borrowed)
    INTEGER :: n, i, j !Total number of payments to be made
    REAL :: i_max !Maximum Interest rate
    REAL :: i_min !Minimum Interest rate
    REAL :: t_max !Maximum amount of Time for Loan payback
    CHARACTER :: x

    WRITE (*,*) 'COP 2271- Project 2'
    WRITE (*,*) ' Interest rates '
    WRITE (*,*) '-------------------------'
    WRITE (*,*) 'Main Menu'
    WRITE (*,*) ' A) Enter new Data'
    WRITE (*,*) ' Q) Quit'
    READ (*,*) x

    CASE ('A','a')
    WRITE (*,*) 'Enter principle loan amount($)'
    READ (*,*) p
    WRITE (*,*) 'Enter maximum length of the loan(Years):'
    READ (*,*) t_max
    WRITE (*,*) 'Enter minimum interest rate(%):'
    READ (*,*) i_min
    WRITE (*,*) 'Enter maximum interest rate(%):'
    READ (*,*) i_max
    END DO
    CASE ('Q','q')
    WRITE (*,*) 'Invalid Selection'

    IF (p < 0) WRITE (*,*) 'ERROR- Principle amount must be positive!'
    IF (t_max < 3) WRITE (*,*) 'ERROR- Maximum loan length must be greater than or equal to 3 (years)!'
    IF (i_min < 0 .OR. i_min > 100 .OR. i_min > i_max) WRITE (*,*) 'Error- Interest rate must be between 0 and 100!'
    IF (i_max < 0 .OR. i_max > 100) WRITE (*,*) 'Error- Interest rate must be between 0 and 100!'

    END DO

    i_max = CEILING(i_max)
    i_min = INT(i_min)
    t_max = CEILING(t_max)

    DO i = 2, t_max
    n = 12*i
    pay = (r*p)/(1-((1 + r)**(-n)))

    DO j = i_min, i_max

    WRITE (*,'(3X,I3,8X,I3,5X,A,F10.2, 5X,A, F10.2)')

    END DO
    END DO

    end program interest

    -This is the program as I've written it so far, it's not finished... I'm also having problems with the formatting they want us to use for the tables.
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    I don't think you can declare i_min as a REAL and then expect the type to convert to INTEGER after executing the statement: i_min = INT (i_min). You should assign the converted value of i_min to another variable of TYPE INTEGER.
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