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Quantum Found a great book (series) on Quantum Mechanics

  1. Aug 25, 2016 #1
    The books are based on Schwinger's but is much easier read. Uses my favorite spins-first approach.

    Lectures On Quantum Mechanics vol. 1, 2, & 3 by Berthold-Georg Englert


    I did not buy from Amazon though. I purchased these in international edition (printed on really bad quality newsprint in India) from AbeBooks for a much cheaper price. I wish I hadn't though; having such high quality content printed in decently quality paper would have been much better.

    If you are buying from Abebooks look for ISBNs
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    What is the level of the books?
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    Why is Sakurai's textbook deemed "graduate"? Is there such thing as an "intermediate" between beginner/undergraduate and advanced/graduate?
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    I believe they are at the undergraduate level.
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    Good Question. In my opinion Sakurai could definitely (at least the first half) be used to teach an undergraduate course.
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    Sakurai's textbook is, in my opinion, well suited for the QM 1 lecture (at least we used it in our lecture and we liked it very much at the time). I still recommend it to start learning quantum theory. As prerequisites, I think the standard undergraduate linear-algebra lecture and Analysis I-III are enough.
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