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Foundations of Mechanical Engineering (textbook)

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    What is a foundation year?
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    It's a separate thing to the actual degree in order to get onto it. It's what the name would suggest.
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    Are you sure the foundation year even contains any mechanical engineering?
    Most ME degrees don't even have any ME until the 2nd year, so I doubt a pre-degree foundation course would have any.
    If it's not on the required book list I wouldn't worry about it.

    You can spend a fortune on buying the required books, many of them, including the book you're asking about, you'll grow out of. Some are great references that you'll want to keep forever. Until you've taken the course and used the book it's hard to know which are which.
    I borrowed textbooks from the library on the first day of classes and I'd keep it for the entire semester (I only ever had a book recalled once) after the semester is over I decide whether I want to own a copy and then can buy a cheap used copy if I wish. I saved literally thousands of dollars.
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