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Homework Help: Four 100 kg people are holding a 1200 kg inflated balloon

  1. Feb 17, 2013 #1
    four 100 kg people are holding a 1200 kg inflated balloon by means of four ropes. three people let go and the balloon accelerates upward at 2 m/ s/s. what is the tension in the rope the last person is holding?
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    What are your ideas on this?
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    These are the 2 forces on the person, but if they were equal then the person would have an acceleration of zero.

    Apply Newton's second law to the person.
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    ma=mg where a = 2 so m(a-g)=0 so 800 but I know it's actually a+g so 1200 why?
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    ma = mg is not correct.

    Newton 2 says that the total force on the person = ma
    You've written the total force as just mg. You need to include the tension in here as well.

    Just draw a quick diagram showing the forces on the person and the direction of the acceleration and then apply Newton 2, ( and be careful with the signs ).
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    oh! thank you very much
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