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Homework Help: Fourier transform, Fourer Integral transform

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    I was going to post this in the learning material section but i didnt have access to it for some reason. but i guess i can post it here. its homework after all.

    so i have noticed that there is almost nothing learning material on fourer transform on the web. like how to transform a function to Fourier with tricks like time shift, scaling, complex conjugating and by integral and also inverted Fourier transform.

    is there any khan like videos/text that show examples on how to fourier-transform with these tricks and by integral. or can someone show me some examples of time shiffting ect.
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    Ray Vickson

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    That is odd: when I Google 'Fourier transform' I get hundreds of hits, including several that are like course notes on the topic, complete with much of the stuff you say you need.

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    can you please link me to some. the only video i know of is the standford lecture fourier transformation and its applications. but its not what im looking for. he doesn't go through examples and solving problems. (as i have seen maybe im wrong?).

    so please link to where they explain time shift and scaling and all that
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    Ray Vickson

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    No, that is the type of question I refuse to answer. I have already suggested you do a Google search. When I do that I get all kinds of links to videos of lectures, u-tube files of class presentations, pdf files, on-line course notes, etc., etc. There is MUCH more available than just the Stanford lecture.

    If none of that material is what you want I suggest you consult with your professor or make a visit to the library and look at some books.
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    if you don't want to help then why are you replying in my thread.

    but seriously i cant find what im looking for i know about this google thing and i have tried that before making this thread.

    i know there is a lot of information about fourer series and some transform. but ive noticed that there is not that much of basic/introduction of Fourier transform with techniques like time shift ect. every lecture about it they just jump over it and don't mention it.

    so this thread my be in the wrong section of this forum. but the point of it was that if anyone know or find a video or text about introduction fourier transform with time shift, scaling techniques. post them here. if you don't know about it or refuse to post it then don't
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    Ray did help you. Now you should search in google and see if you find things that could be helpful.

    In any case, this isn't a homework question. Locked.
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