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Homework Help: Fraction of incident flux that escapes from a star

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    If the flux entering such an atmosphere from the core of the star at a radius is r0 is F0,
    the flux that reaches radius r is given by


    where k is a constant

    a) Write down a formula for the fraction of the incident flux that escapes from the star
    entirely. {3}
    b) If 50% of the flux escapes from a star where the base of this stellar atmosphere lies at a
    radius r0, what percentage of the flux escapes if this atmosphere only starts at twice as
    large a radius? {3}

    Is the answer to (a) just F=F0*e^k(R^-2-r0^-2) where R=radius of star and then to find the fraction you just do F(R)/F(r)?

    Thanks :)
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