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Homework Help: Free body diagram : Compression and Tension

  1. Apr 19, 2007 #1
    P, Q, R, S are light rods attached to the wall with a force W acting at that point in the figure.
    Please explain whether Compression or Tension is acting on them respectively by using Free body diagram and proper explanation.

    Can I resolve W in this way so that we have a force in the direction of P and parellel to R??
    Following that, we know that P is under tension and R is under compression.


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    What do you mean by "resolve W"? It is sufficient to look at node A and it's equilibrium conditions.
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    Since you are talking about the FBD, I think you have to draw out a FBD with reaction force at fixed support on the wall in order to explain whether is tension or compression of each members. Not 100% sure though.
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    I ain't know if I am right, but I think thinking as if force is fluid and can be shared might help. Like Point B is pushing the rod R upwards, and pulling the rod Q downwards. Point A pulls the rod P towards right, and the point B; this one's little complex. Like it starts from the rod R. The rod R pushes the point B downward, and thus point B compresses the rod S, and pulls the rod Q..

    Anyhow, I think you may resolve the problem if try this way
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