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Free/Cheap Web Editors, do they exist?

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    A la frontpage or something, preferably free?
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    In windows or did this just become an easier question :smile: ?
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    This website has plenty of WYSIWYG editors:


    KompoZer is pretty decent if you dont have access to Dreamweaver.

    If you are looking for a non-WYSIWYG editor, check out Notepad++ (also in above link). I keep a copy on a jump drive so I can use it anywhere when I am in a pinch.
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    I've used KompoZer, which is Wysiwyg, but has many bugs, so I gave up.

    Don't use FrontPage, it's html isn't standard and works bad outside Internet Explorer.

    I use Namo 2006 (=v7), it's affordable and good. v6 was bugged, avoid it. v4 was good and fast (but older now). I didn't use v5, said to be bugged but v5.5 was said to be good.
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    Lol, +1. I was thinking iWeb too.
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