Free Engineering Video Lectures from IIT

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    Thanks for posting this. There are several topics here that i'm very interested him.
  3. wow thats nice..startin my engineering course at oxford next year and can get a little peak at some topics
  4. Thanks for sharing the video lectures. They are useful.
  5. thanks for sharing this videos .they are very useful to us please keepitup
  6. hi, can u tell me the procedure to how to download youtube videos
  7. There are many tools, though I haven't use any of them. Google is your friend. Keyword is : download video tool youtube. I heard a tool named "youtubeget", but I'm not trying yet. You could have a try.
  8. add a mozilla plug-in named "flash get" to mozilla firefox.
    When you visit that youtube video a small flim strip shows at the bottom right of the
    browser - where the progress bar is.Click on it to download that file.
    It downloads in flv format.there are tons of converters out there to chnage it to your favorite format.

    You can also down load youtube videos from "" directly into mp4 format but i found that method buggy.
  9. Thanks, this is what internet is all about.
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