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Lectures on computer science and engineering

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    This is a comprehensive collection of audio/video courses and lectures in computer science and engineering from colleges/universities.


    The courses and lectures cover a wide variety of subjects in computer science and engineering, including artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer networks, data structures, operating system, programming methodology, and software engineering.
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    3D educational drag & drop programming languages

    3D drag & drop programming environments provide a quick, easy and productive alternative for building 3D applications, thus suite well as educational programming languages.

    A new and attractive http://en.eytam.com/mama", which was designed to improve students' analytical and logical skills, while creating 3D animations and games. The Visualized parts support better understanding of concepts such as objects, methods, running-time, etc.

    Mama programming language home page:
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    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=80785608139596344# [Broken]

    This video is interesting in that it tells how artificial intelligence will revolutionise homes, workplaces and lifestyles, and how virtual worlds will become so realistic that they will rival the physical world.
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    The Beauty and Joy of Computing. The description from the site reads: "The history, social implications, great principles, and future of computing. Beautiful applications that have changed the world. How computing empowers discovery and progress in other fields. Relevance of computing to the student and society will be emphasized."

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    hey all those are just great and its hard choosing one that will really suit me.
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    those are great...thank you...!
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