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Freezing point of flowing water.

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    this is my first post :) I will be very glad if you would answer my question. Does freezing point decrease if water is flowing or in otjer words,"does flowing water freeze more easily than still water". if the answer is yes, would you please give me the link of the source or paper. iwill be very very appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    I would have no idea how to support my answer using physics. But something tells me that the more kinetic energy the water has, the harder it is to stabilize. So I think the faster water flows the lower freezing point it has.
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    Doug Huffman

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    A gently flowing stream of water has/with a very smooth boundary layer transition from no flow attached at the boundary to the highest velocity. Where does the freezing first occur? What pattern might the frozen fluid form?
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    freezing point is 0 degrees celsius at 1.013 bar atmosphere pressure now it depends because since water is flowing it has a kinetic energy and thus making it harder to freeze as we know solid form is just molecules moving closer together, slowing down etc.... which means u will rarely find ice on flowing water
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    One possibility is that water at 0 Celsius rapidly increases viscosity as it begins to freeze, so if it is flowing, there is increased Reynold's number (turbulence) and thus increased kinetic energy being converted into latent heat of melting. Many years ago, I was camping near a flowing stream in the winter. When I arose in the morning, I mixed a cup of Tang using the stream water, which quickly began to freeze in my tin cup. Was it the Tang that made it freeze?

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