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Homework Help: Frequency response and Impulse Response

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    Im struggling to do the following question. Any help would be appreciated

    A following system has the following difference equation

    y(n)+ 1/8y(n-1) - 5/8y(n-2)=1/2x(n-1)

    First part is to calculate the system transfer function using the z transform. Then get the frequency response and the impulse

    Ive managed to work out the system function and using the z transform it equates to

    From this how do i calculate the frequency response and the impulse response of the system.

    Many thanks
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    rude man

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    What is the z transform of δ(t), the Dirac delta (impulse) step function?

    What is the relationship between a network's impulse response and its frequency response?
    (Either in the s or z domain?).
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