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From nothing & nowhere to everything.

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    Science says that nothing existed before the BB & that all time, space & existence was created by said BB. So out of nothing came everything.

    I would ask, from where & how was everything created? How did the first simple Helium Atom get assembled from a process that was explosive? The BB just does not make sense to me in many ways!
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    I dont think so. People who dont understand the big bang theory say that, not "science" or most scientists. The very early part of the universe is not understood and is a subject of reserach. The big bang theory makes no claims as to the "creation" of the universe. Its a theory that describes how the universe has evolved after it was "created" or came into existence.

    First I suggest that you should accept that the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you, or anyone. As for the first hydrogen or helium atoms, this may be a good start to read;
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    As modus has pointed out, it most emphatically does NOT say that. That is the kind of nonsense statement that you hear on TV shows on the History Channel or the Discovery Channel
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    Excuse me but every mainstream science publication that tries to explain the BB starts with the premise that nothing existed before the BB & that everything, including time & space was created by the BB. I am not sure you understand this concept.

    I also read the link you provided. It does not address my question. I am asking how the components of the first simple atoms were assembled. & don't tell me that they just came into existence. Atoms have a complex combination of parts too complex to just come together.
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    Sorry but infinitely small & infinitely dense is a clean way of saying nothing exist here. If time & space were created by the BB than where did the infinitely small point reside?
    What space did it float around in waiting to do it's thing?

    I am old enough to remember the first descriptions of the BB & I assure you that the theory then was that nothing existed before the BB. But the idea of nothing was not as excepted as the idea of the singularity which was just a fancy way of saying nothing existed before the BB.

    Spin it anyway you want but the fact still remains that the BB supposedly created everything we see today including the space & time we have now out of nothing.
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    You will need to start citing sources for your statements, as per the rules of the forum.
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    I am amazed at how the idea of what was in existence before the BB has been glossed over by science. They can't explain it so they just push right past it like these post are doing. None of you have addressed my question at all. None of you know what I am even asking. I know how the elements are created after the fact but nobody can tell me how the parts were generated? where did protons come from? where did neutrons come from before they come together as atoms? How did up quarks, down quarks, Gluons & all the other parts of the first Atoms get assembled?
    Not how did the Atoms combine to form other elements!
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    What exactly is so amazing about not pretending to know something one doesn't know?
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    The question has been answered. But again: the big bang theory doesn't state anything about something being created by nothing. Nor does it say that a singularity once existed that was infinitely dense. Nobody knows what happens in the Planck Epoch, there are a lot of theories, but no definite results.

    Thread closed.

    To the OP: next time you make a definite statement, please cite your sources.
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