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Homework Help: FRUSTRATING QUESTION: Condensation Reactions with Covalent Bonds

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    Which of the following macromolecules are held together by covalent bonds between monomers and are synthesized through condensation reactions? Choose all correct answers.

    Nucleic acids




    This is what I think:
    -Nucleic acids form condensations reactions through phosphodiester linkages. Would this be a type of covalent bond?
    -Triglycerides definitely form covalent bonds and I think they form through condensation reactions.
    -Carbohydrates: I definitely think they form condensation reactions though covalent bonds.
    -Proteins: When they form peptide bond, I think they form condensation reaction.

    So what do you all think? Would it be all of them? Any help on which would not be would be hugely appreciated.
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    What are monomers in each case? How many of them? How many monomers per macromolecule?
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    As you correctly noted, all four are formed through condensation reactions. Not all of them are formed from bonds between monomers, however.
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    So would it be only proteins carbohydrates, and nucleic acids then? The monomer of proteins are amino acids and monomer of carbohydrates are monosacharides. Nucleic acids have monomer nucleotides.

    Triglcerides arent composed of monomers.

    Would this be correct? This is a very important question to me and I am down to my last opportunity...please help!
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