What is Condensation: Definition and 138 Discussions

Condensation is the change of the physical state of matter from the gas phase into the liquid phase, and is the reverse of vaporization. The word most often refers to the water cycle. It can also be defined as the change in the state of water vapor to liquid water when in contact with a liquid or solid surface or cloud condensation nuclei within the atmosphere. When the transition happens from the gaseous phase into the solid phase directly, the change is called deposition.

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  1. P

    A Too much cooling air? (Power supply failures due to condensation)

    I have a situation that I cannot explain so I need the assistance of someone with a good understanding of thermodynamics. I have 36 AC to DC power supplies located in an equipment rack. These power supplies are failing after some time. The failures appear to be moisture related. We put...
  2. X

    I Why do droplets of condensation run at an angle on a plastic sheet?

    I think the picture says it all! As the droplets of condensation reached a certain size they begin to run down the plastic sheet, but rather than just running straight down, they veer off to the left or right. Most of the tracks are at fairly much parallel, with some exceptions, and the pattern...
  3. L

    A Will air turbulence in flexible airduct causes water condensation?

    In a normal aircond system using flexible airduct, assume airflow with temperature & humidity conditions (Tdry=23°C; Tdew=13.4°C; RH=55% ) go through a bended flexible airduct where air turbulence is formed: 1. Can condensation happens at the bended flexible airduct due to air turbulence? 2...
  4. A

    I Dark Matter as a condensation of photons in a space

    if we assume each photon of light as a very very light piece of matter (by famous E = mc^2 and then: m = E / c^2) and sum up all photons that have been made from the creation time of a galaxy (also considering limitation of speed of light) and also photons that accidentally passing throw that...
  5. Yokoko

    Chemistry How do I form the product with alkylation and condensation?

    I don't really know how to begin. I've done alkylations by having two of the same compounds react with each other e.g. two aldehydes but never started out with dimethyl malonate. I was thinking I need 1,4 dibromobutane to form the cyclopentane ring but apart from that I'm clueless
  6. tanaygupta2000

    Temperature of Bose Einstein Condensation

    For finding n, I believe that directly applying the above formula gives the results. But I am confused whether I have to put the value of given temperature T = 100K or the actual temperature Tc for Rb-87 at which BE Condensation occurs (i.e. 100 nK, which I got from a quick Google search)? Or do...
  7. Physics lover

    Chemistry No. of stereoisomers in aldol condensation

    According to me 4 products will be formed with a double bond in each of them.So total no. of stereoisomers will be=##4×2^1=8##.First product will be formed due self aldol in acetaldehyde.Second will be formed due to self aldol in Propanaldehyde.And the other two will be formed due to mixed...
  8. M

    Variable-mass system: Falling drip

    S(t)= Hi all! Μy attempt to solve it: I'm stuck here. An opinion ? Thanks.
  9. M

    How to advoid water condensation in compressed air piping

    Hello all, I'm having problems with my compressed air system. In the factory have some clean rooms with temperature are maintained around 23°C. The outside of clean rooms are normal condition (around 32°C). When i checked some air supply points outside. There were no water in compressed air. But...
  10. Yud

    I Condensation as humidity control

    Context: Small living room, Moderate amount of humidity if the room doesn't get ventilation but is cold outside. Question: If I use some object that can stay in a cold temperature enough to cause condensation (like having a cold beer sitting for a while) and remove the condensed liquid every...
  11. K

    Can a Heat Balance be Achieved with Constant Condensation Temperature?

    Homework Statement If you have a heat exchanger with a cooling fluid and a fluid that condenses, and the fluid condenses over the entire heat exchanger i.e. its temperature is constant. How can one make a heat balance in such a case, when dT is 0 for the condensing fluid but not the other? i.e...
  12. astroman707

    How can I stop condensation (not fog) build-up on my goggles?

    I have uvex stealth anti-fog chemistry goggles, and in lab the lenses build up with dew. It becomes so bad that I can't see and I have to regularly exit the lab every 15 minutes to wipe them off. I sweat when in the lab, so I'm not sure if that's why . There's no fog, just pure dew drop...
  13. S

    Saturated VapourPressure of Steam above Critical Temperature

    Hello all, I am not sure my question will totally make sense for those of you who now this topic well but as I am new to it I hope I can be forgiven. My problem is to work out how much water will condensate as a stream of moist air is expanded through a turbine. So far I was using Antoine's...
  14. baldbrain

    Is Crossed Aldol Condensation of Acetone and Ethyl Methyl Ketone Possible?

    Is the crossed aldol condensation of acetone and ethyl methyl ketone possible?
  15. EEristavi

    B Condensation & Clouds: Understanding Water's Transformation

    I understand that condensation occurs when water (in gas form) looses energy and becomes liquid. What I don't understand why some surface is needed to form a liquid water
  16. S

    Simulating 1D time-independent Bose Einstein Condensation

    Hello! I'm trying to simulate a one dimensional time independent BEC, I hope this is the right place to ask for help. First of all, here's my code in Python. import sys import numpy as np import matplotlib.pyplot as plt if len(sys.argv) == 1: niter = 100 elif len(sys.argv) == 2: niter...
  17. P

    Steam Condensation: How Much Steam is Converted to Water at Constant Pressure?

    What I want to be clarified in this thread is about condensation of steam at constant pressure. Suppose Suppose an enclosed volume of size 1 m³ and it's filled with steam at 100°C and 1 barA pressure. Now, the container is connected to a chamber filled with dry air in such a way that the...
  18. Y

    I A question about dehumidifiers and condensation

    Hi guys! My question is about the heat sinks (cold side) used in some dehumidifiers. It appears that thick, well spaced fins are used, as opposed to a larger number of thin fins, which I would expect to provide better heat transfer. Am I right in assuming that this is to allow space for...
  19. J

    Condition for condensation from adiabatic expansion

    Homework Statement I'm stuck on part (c) of this question. Homework Equations $$T\frac{d}{dT}\bigg(\frac{L}{T}\bigg) \equiv \frac{dL}{dT} - \frac{L}{T}.$$ Clausius-Clapeyron equation: $$ \frac{dp}{dT} = \frac{L}{T\Delta V} \approx \frac{L}{TV_{vap}}.$$ The Attempt at a Solution My approach...
  20. ShayanJ

    A Problem with Bose-Einstein Condensation

    In section 7.1 of his statistical mechanics, Pathria derives the formula ## N_e=V\frac{(2\pi m k T)^{\frac 3 2}}{h^3}g_{\frac 3 2}(z) ## where ## \displaystyle g_{\frac 3 2}(z)=\sum_{l=1}^\infty \frac{z^l}{l^{\frac 3 2}} ## and ## z=e^{\frac \mu {kT}} ##. This formula gives the number of...
  21. neil63

    Recycled acidic water evaporation / condensation

    I would like to recycle a source of used water at work. The water is contaminated with an acid solution and other chemicals used in a powdercoating process. My question is -- if I were to evaporate the water and then turn it back to condensate, would the water be pure? or would the acid and...
  22. R

    Removing condensation from a cooling jacket

    I have a glass vessel with a cooling jacket which previously had cold water running through it. However now it is disconnected from the pump and the jacket is empty, and there is condensation in the jacket from the little water that was left in there. How can I get rid of this condensation...
  23. S

    I Condensation inside the walls of a bottle

    When I leave a closed half full bottle of water overnight, the next morning I find condensation on the inside walls of the bottle BUT! Only where sun light has reached it! I thought this was widely known and easy to explain, but I've been looking on the Internet for a while and haven't found a...
  24. J

    Does Bose Condensation Occur in 2D?

    Hi, I was given the following question: Show that Bose condensation does not occur in 2D. Hint: The integral you will get when you write the formula for N is doable in elementary functions. You should find that that N ∝ ln(1 − e βµ). I do indeed find that N ∝ ln(1/(1 − e βµ)) ∝ ln(1 − e βµ)...
  25. T

    Outdoor electronics casing. Airflow, condensation & temp.?

    I have a similar question as others but I felt wrong taking over their threads. The project is an casing for electronics that will be outside all year around. Built out of metal. This means rain, sun, snow. -20c to +35c. The electronics inside works only in 0c-45c and 10%-80% humidity. I want...
  26. Raptor112

    Will Your Breath Condense on a Cold Winter's Day? A Homework Challenge

    Homework Statement On a winter day, suppose your breath has a temperature of 30°C and a dew point of 28°C,and it mixes with the ambient air of temperature –10°C and a dew point of –11°C. Will you see your breath? Assume you are at sea level, and that your breath and the environment mix in...
  27. Gary K

    Steam Condensation: Calculating Area for Experiment

    Greetings, I'm preparing for an experiment on a modified Tesla Turbine design and will need to condense the exhaust steam rapidly in order to measure the pounds per hour of saturated steam that goes through the system. Incoming steam could be as high as 90 PSI through a 1" pipe. As the turbine...
  28. L

    Nylon deterioration from hydrogen released water vapor?

    Hello, I am by far not very firmiliar with physics nor engineering. I had an idea a couple years ago involving the replacement of the propane in hot air balloons with hydrogen gas as the fuel to burned to provide the heat to lift the balloon. One thing I didn't realize back then was that...
  29. MtnXfreeride

    Preventing Condensation in Outdoor Enclosure

    Hi, I have comes across bits and pieces of what I want to do online but haven't gotten the answers I need so I'm reaching out for help. This is my first post here. I'm planning to create a box to house an AV receiver outdoors (late spring/summer/early fall only in Maine) inside a screen...
  30. K

    Does Condensation of Water Vapor Constitute Heat Transfer?

    Scenario A: An icicle on the eaves of Uncle Ivan’s dacha in far off Verkhoyansk vaporizes a number of water vapor molecules at an ambient temperature of -80°C. Over the succeeding months, one of these molecules makes its random way to the surface of a cloud droplet over Ouagadougou. Along the...
  31. N

    Bullet camera in PVC pipe condensation problems -- Help please

    I had to installed some IP bullet cameras in some PVC pipe on a Hopper dredge to protect it from the salt water spray. They are outdoor cameras but they are made out of aluminum and they will rust if left unprotected. I sealed them in the pvc and used a cgb from the wire as well as sealant on...
  32. S

    How Can the Gross-Pitaevskii Equation Model BECs at Finite Temperatures?

    Hello What are some method or references to consider BECs or atom lasers in finite temperatures with Gross-Pitaevskii equation? There is quantum mechanical approach but I want a mean field approach which considers thermal or quantum noises too. If possible, introduce some references. Thank you...
  33. C

    Kitchen Condensation: Explaining the Science Behind It

    So I'm having an argument.. and I just can't explain this in a way that manages to be convincing. So there are two pots in question: One is a special pot made out of a supposedly special material, and has a very tight lid. Once the lid is on, I observe that if you simply poured water on the top...
  34. C

    What Are the Conditions for Bose-Einstein Condensation to Occur?

    Homework Statement Explain the conditions under which Bose-Einstein condensation occurs and show this happens for density ##\rho \equiv N/V > \rho_C(T)##, where $$\rho_C(T) = A(kT)^{3/2} \int_0^{\infty} \frac{x^{1/2}}{ e^x − 1} dx .$$ Suppose the energy of the particles on the lattice is now...
  35. K

    Enthelpy of condensation and the global heat budget

    I am a retired climatologist, not a physicist. I am seeking the help of physicists to resolve a matter that has always puzzled me. I shall try to list my reasoning in what appears to me to be a logical order. I will number my statements so that you may isolate my errors more easily. 1. When...
  36. C

    Bose condensation in a harmonic potential

    Homework Statement [/B] Consider a gas of N weakly interacting bosons trapped in a 3d harmonic potential ##V = \frac{1}{2}mw^2 (x^2 + y^2 + z^2)##. The single particle quantum states have energies ##\epsilon = \hbar w (n_x + n_y + n_z + 3/2)##. Calculate the total number of quantum states...
  37. B

    Aldol Condensation: Why is OH a Good LG?

    Homework Statement In a typical aldol condensation (say 2 aldehydes reacted with NaOH, water, and under heated conditions) why is hydroxide considered a good leaving group in the final step? Homework Equations NA The Attempt at a Solution I drew out a mechanism with an aldehyde and a ketone...
  38. M

    Can Condensation Occur in a Vacuum-Sealed Container?

    Hi I have been thinking about this idea and i'we come to the conclusion that i need to discuss this with someone who has a better understanding of physics than i have. First off, let me help you visualize it: You put pieces of hardware that generate heat inside of a container, the container...
  39. H

    Bose Einstein condensation in 2D finite space

    It can be easily proved that Bose Einstein condensation can be got in infinite 2D. But what about finite 2D with extreme large "Volume" L^2 ?
  40. M

    Is This the Correct Method for Solving a Condensation Shock Problem?

    Homework Statement Total temperature of mixture= 600 K, mass fraction of vapour to mass of total mixture=0.01 Homework Equations Ideal gas law, Mach area relations, Rankine-hugoniot equations The Attempt at a Solution Applied Clausis-Clapeyron relation to find vapour pressure, Then found...
  41. A

    Equation to find the reduction in velocity during condensation

    Velocity of any flowing vapour reduces as it condenses. Can any of you please suggest the equation to find the reduction in velocity of a vapour as it condense. Thanks in advance.
  42. D

    Jar of water in a box, how would You prevent condensation?

    I'm not sure if this is the right section... But Assume you have a medium sized box (about as big as a large desktop computer) inside a room. And inside the box there is a jar of water that is significantly colder than the outside temperature. How would you prevent water condensation...
  43. P

    Isotope fractionation with condensation

    Homework Statement I'm really confused about this concept. I know that when you evaporate a liquid, heavier isotopes stay behind because it's easier to evaporate lighter isotopes. This is intuitive to me. I'm confused on the case of condensation because I'm reading two things that seem...
  44. A

    Can you explain the fugacity of boson gas in Bose-Einstein Condensation?

    Hi, my course just provided an introduction to Bose-Einstein Condensation. I was told that this phenomenon occurs when the temperature of Bosons go under a certain critical temperature T_{c} > 0K. At absolute zero, all the Bosons go into the condensed phase. However, at temperatures...
  45. Q

    Heat of Condensation: Solving Methanol Homework

    Homework Statement http://i.minus.com/jFwk7CteHDISN.png Homework Equations Heat of condensation = -(heat of vaporization) The Attempt at a Solution Okay, so I tried to find the heat of vaporization. Then I to took the negative of it since the process is condensation, and energy is being...
  46. L

    Aldol Condensation rxn- NaOH + acetone, then add benzaldehyde = ?

    1. "Students were instructed to mix the benzaldehyde and acetone starting materials in their conical vials before adding the ethanolic sodium hydroxide solution. Why was this essential to the success of the reaction? What would have been the most likely product formed if the sodium hydroxide...
  47. Physicist50

    Plasma Condensation: Can Gas Be Turned Back Into Liquid/Solid?

    Hi there, I was wondering that if you took anything, let's use water as an example, evaporated it into a gas, then heated it until it became a plasma, (I don't know or care whether water molecules can be turned into a plasma, that's not the point,) could it be turned back into a liquid/solid? I...
  48. S

    Steam condensation in the presence of air

    I've been reading about this topic in a book recently and it states that when steam (water vapor) condenses on a cold surface in the presence of air, the increase in air concentration at the condensation interface causes a reduction in the steam pressure and hence, temperature. I am wondering...
  49. M

    Tech Team's Solutions to Condensation Problem

    Im on the tech team doing an outdoor concert series. I have a dance show coming up this weekend and I am having a hard time keeping the stage dry. Its a nice big black stage radiating its heat away at night and around 9 pm it starts to get a bit wet and slippery (very no bueno for dancers) I...
  50. D

    Clouds have flat bottoms from condensation

    I know clouds are just condensed water vapor forming tiny droplets. Why do they have flat bottoms and all at the same plane? Is their a air density threshold that clouds form at? Thanks simply curious.