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Function of Synaptic End Bulb

  1. Mar 11, 2008 #1
    What is the function of the synaptic end bulb on a motor neuron? Thanks!
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    Google is your friend. :smile:
    Lots of info out there.
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    What are you asking?

    The function is the same as any other synapse, in this case the information transfer is between a motor neuron and a muscle cell. These synapses mediate the signal to contract a muscle.

    Or are you asking about the particular organization of the end-plate? This is likely to make a very 'strong' synapse. So a small number of presynaptic action potentials are sufficient for causing muscle contraction.
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    Google is my friend! While there is a lot of information out there, I couldn't bring much up when I googled variations of synaptic end bulb. So that is why I posted here:)
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    Since neither google or Cincinnatus' post seem to be helpful then you are going to need to be much more specific about what your question is.
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    I am sorry that I failed to mention that Cincinnatus' post did help. I don't really know how further explain the question... after doing a drawing of the motor neuron and labeling the SEB, I am suppose to give its function (of the SEB). So I take it that the SEB is the same thing as a synapse? Thanks....
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