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  1. Baibhab Bose

    A Temperature of a thin bulb filament

    In my assignment question, the length L and radius r is given and asked to find out how the Temperature of a thin bulb filament which depends on those two parameters. and the answer is r^(1/4)*L^(-1/2). I cant figure out how. Which relation is involved?
  2. J

    Which way do I measure the potential difference

    Homework Statement All the bulbs in the circuits are identical, as are all the batteries. Rank the magnitude of the potential difference between points M and N. Homework Equations V=IR The Attempt at a Solution My most fundamental question is actually which way do I know to take the...
  3. AstroJMT42

    Switches changing brightness of bulbs

    Homework Statement All bulbs are identical, (no information given on resistance so assuming all the same) All the switches are closed and then S1 is opened, Does bulb 6 get brighter, dimmer or stay the same? Does bulb 4 get brighter, dimmer or stay the same? Explain briefly why. Homework...
  4. heavystray

    Inert gas pressure in incandescent bulb

    hi, so i want to ask why is the inert gas pressure in an incandescent bulb should be low? i thought that when the gas pressure is high, more 'free' tungsten atoms can collide with the gas particles (since the gas particles move at higher speed) and bounce right back towards the filament. hence...
  5. Michael George

    Which is better to connect a bulb switch ?

    I was installing a new bulb with a switch in my house. There was two different ways to connect the bulb and the switch as shown in the picture. Which one is better and Why?