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Funding a Physics Engineering Club at my college.

  1. Mar 31, 2013 #1
    I am attempting to found a Physics Engineering club at my school (Appalachian State University) and we have come to the sticky issue of funding. We would like to keep dues as low as possible, but with the expected cost of workspace, projects, and start-up costs of tools, we are going to need a good bit of start-up funding. Do any of you have any experience with this? Where should I look, are there any grants for things like this? I am likely going to approach some local stores and pawn shops to try to get some tools donated can anyone think of any other possible sources?
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    Do fundraising activities. See if you are allowed to set up a breakfast table, or do occasional bake sales. Ask around the Physics and Engineering departments if there are tools available for use. Yes, there are grants available for clubs.
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    There is no way the NSF is going to fund an club for undergraduates. How do they know that the money won't be spent on beer?

    Since your department already has a machine shop, why do you need space and tools?
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    I am not really sure what kind of machine shop our dpt. has, and that is a possibility, but as far as i know what we DO have is not exactly open to just anyone to use, that is certainly something to discuss with our faculty adviser. Our school doesn't actually have an engineering program per se If you want to be a mech-eng or EE you go into a "pre-engineer" program and transfer to another school. We are mostly Applied Physics or Chemistry majors who want to have a club that actually "applies" physics rather then sitting around and talking about, hence why i call it "Physics Engineering" not "Physics/Engineering". We will build things like Tesla Coils, Jacobs Ladders, and other contraptions as well as entering competitions for things like robotics and possibly going to local High schools and doing demonstrations.

    Edit: also, we will need space to store our projects and space at our school can be limited.
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    Looks like you already have a Physics and Astronomy club at your school. Why not reach out to them and use their resources to expand the range of activities?

    http://clubs.appstate.edu/pandaclub/ [Broken]
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    milhous brought up a very good point. Is there really a need for a separate club from the existing Physics club at your school? Wouldn't it be easier and better to use the resources that has already been established with that club? Presumably, the Physics Club is part of the AIP's Society of Physics Students, and may already receive some small funds from the department.

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