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Gah! What's wrong with my ears :*(

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    For the past week and a half or so, I've had a cold. I've had an extremely runny nose the entire time, like always. Well, two days ago, I went to blow my nose and all of a sudden there was a weird noise in my right ear, and it felt like air came out of my ear :uhh: . It kinda felt like when your ears pop, except amplified * 100. That day I didn't hear as well out of my right ear for an hour or so, and then everything was normal, so I didn't think much of it. And now, today, the same thing happened three times. However, today it didn't make me hear any worse, but it just feels weird O_O. Also it sounds weird o_O..... Anyone had this happen to them?
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    I can't blow my nose for that very reason. As far as I know, it's a structural defect in the sinus cavities. Do you happen to have very narrow nasal passages?
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    Possibly an ear infection?
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    I don't know O.O This has never happened before o.0
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    Most likely an ear infection.

    I've had lots of ear infections in my lifetime. :frown:
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    That happens to me sometimes too when I blow my nose really hard. I dunno.. my ears still work.
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    That's unfortunate. My brother use to have ear infections when he was little and by the crying and screaming, I can only imagine that they were very unpleasant.
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    Yeah, it starts to hurt if you wait too long to do anything about it.

    Leaving it for any longer than 2 weeks can make it pretty bad. You can even lay your head down to sleep sometimes. :eek:
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    I've never had an ear infection... in my life...

    How do you know if you have an ear infection? I really doubt I do, because my ear does't hurt whatsoever....
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    Some ear infections can go away on its own.

    It's possible that you never got one yet.
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    Me neither... Wonder why some people have healthy ears and some don't.
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    I've heard that breast-fed babies are less likely to have ear infections.
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    Speaking of things I've never had :uhh:

    I've never had a nose bleed in my life....


    Yeah, I don't have any of those symptoms.
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    I really don't think it's an ear infection. I've never had an ear infection and I've have that happen to me all the time. My guess is that it's caused by the difference in pressure between your middle ear and the atmosphere. When you blow your nose, you increase the pressure in your middle ear, so your ear-drum bends to create an opening and the pressure normalizes (or if you keep blowing, the air streams out). It's not a good idea to do that though since a lot of ear infections start when bacteria from mucus goes into your middle ear via the explained method.
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    Do not listen to anyone here!!!!!!!!

    Go see a doctor and ask him/her!!!!!!!
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    I think this is probably right. Under normal circumstances I don't believe there is any continuous passage from the sinuses out the ear. On the other hand I have read that there are places in there where excess gas can build up and has to vent occasionally. This explained why, every once in a while I'll hear a very high pitched whistling noise in one ear that attenuates till it is no longer audible.
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    Um... you can still have an inner ear infection.

    I had the same problem as you about a month ago, and it was an inner ear infection. I had none of those symptoms either. The fluids remained in my ear, so it did not leak out, like it should.
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    You have a little tube called the Eustachian tube, that runs from the back of your middle ear to your nose. Its function is to ventilate the middle ear, makeing sure that the pressure inside the ear remains at near normal air pressure. It also drains any accumulated secretions, infection, or debris from the middle ear space.
    When you blow your nose hard, these tubes may become pluged, causeing things to sound muffled. Your cold is more then likely the cause, and you can try chewing gum or yawning really big to help clear the tubes.
    And as noted by Matt, check with your doctor.
  20. Dec 27, 2005 #19
    I hope its not like the time I really tried to push a fart out. Was there any discharge??:yuck:
  21. Dec 27, 2005 #20
    Take up smoking and see if you can blow smoke out your ear. you could probably make a fortune in bars if you can.
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