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Gamma ray map of the galaxy completed by NASA

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    Very cool image.

    Does anyone know, is anything in the information we got from this so far at all surprising? Is it likely we will learn anything about gamma ray bursts from this or is more information
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    Very cool indeed, I've been waiting to hear more about GLAST or Fermi as it is now called. Here is another link from SCIAM is anyone is interested.


    To me thats not that supirsing because it resembles artists conceptions of the disklike nature our galaxy however the image it generated is quite interesting. I would have expected to see a higher concentration of energy at the milky way centre considering many beleive there to be a massive blackhole at the centre. Im wondering if Fermi will help astronomers further proove or disproove this theory or even present new theories.
    Im interested in more information on Fermi and this subject if anyone has some good links besides NASA page because ive allreayd been there. What exactly are the long term goals of this project, if any?

    Here is another article from SCIAM relating to the galactic blackhole.
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    Hi blimkie.k,
    Yeah, this is fascinating interesting stuff. I have a comment on this quote.
    We haven't proven the existence of a super-massive black hole's (SMBH) anywhere yet, however, we have excellent evidence that there is a SMBH at the center of our galaxy. Mainly, we've been observing stars orbiting the SMBH for years that have orbits roughly the diameter of our solar system. Through an elementary analysis of their orbits we know that there is either a point mass or spherical mass that is millions of times the mass of our own sun which can only be a BH. If it's not a BH it's a very very very dense state of exotic matter that is completely unexplainable by physics (it would pretty exciting if that were the case, but unlikely).

    Fermi won't be proving or disproving the existence of an SMBH in the center of our galaxy, it would just help us understand further the nature of the our SMBH's accretion disk and jets (both of which are much weaker than AGN's or quasars).
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    NASA's Fermi Telescope Finds Giant Structure in our Galaxy

    Gamma ray energies are in the 1 to several hundred GeV range.


    What to make of this?
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