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Gamma Ray Spectroscopy - 97 keV Peak for U238 Metal

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    I recently acquired a 39 gram sample of U-238 metal. I ran a gamma spectrum on the sample and found a major peak around 97 keV. I couldn't find any documents that mentioned this peak for U-238, but it is very prominent.

    I ran a gamma ray spectrum on a 5 gram Uranium Oxide sample and it also exhibits the gamma ray peak around 97 keV.

    Does anyone know how this gamma-ray peak is being generated? I've looked at the decay chain for U-238, but could not find any references to a 97 keV peak.
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    well i became curious also and a google search gave me an spectra of uranium soil sample and there was a good peak at around 100 keV
    you may see the following
    i will look further to elicit more info ;thanks
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    I will visit the link and review the information.
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    Indeed. These K transitions appear to be right near the measured 97 keV peak. Thanks for the reply.
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