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Healthpeak Properties, Inc. is a real estate investment trust that invests in real estate related to the healthcare industry including senior housing, life science, and medical offices. It is organized in Maryland and headquartered in Denver, Colorado with offices in Nashville and San Francisco. As of December 31, 2019, the company owned interests in 617 properties.

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  1. R

    Show that the minimum in alpha-decay spectrum is caused by interference of peak

    This problem set considers (beta-delayed) alpha decay of ##{}^{20}Na##. I'm currently stuck in the following exercise and was hoping some of you could help me in the right way. Thanks in advance! The problem is: c) The experimental spectrum of ##{}^{20}Na## can be found below. Apart from peaks...
  2. J

    B Probability of seeing peak noise in a given time window

    Hi! Say I have a electric signal that has an RMS noise value of 10uV, I would calculate peak noise by multiplying by 6.6, so 66uV. I am looking for an equation that describes the probability of seeing a noise voltage that reaches 66uV in a given viewing time window. For example if I look at the...
  3. gggnano

    I Is it possible to have "ideal surface" whose highest peak is ~1 nm?

    I mean you could buy a mirror or silicon wafer but they give say 0.5 nm or 5nm 'roughness' which I suspect is the mean average roughness but this doesn't rule out a high "bump" way above the mean average such that for example 1 million bumps of 1 nm and just one of 5 will result in...
  4. PhysicsTest

    LED Peak Current: Know Nominal & Peak Currents for Vehicle LEDs

    I want to understand if LED's which are used in the vehicles have Peak and nominal current? This is to know the hardware design to support the LEDs with peak currents, if both peak and nominal currents are same we can design a single board else the hardware design shall also consider the peak...
  5. Joshy

    Engineering Equivalent resistance of an envelope peak detector (RF CMOS)

    Full problem: I don't normally think about circuits like these in terms of energy (Joules) so I was very much confused. What I did was find where the simplified expressions intercepts with each other to get the voltage. I scanned in my work although this text is a walk through of what I did...
  6. ergospherical

    Justifying the peak closed loop gain of an op-amp circuit

    I'm just looking at a Bode plot of log(gain) vs log(frequency) for a an amplifier circuit. I'm trying to figure out whether I'm expecting to see a resonance in the gain at the frequency where I measured one. How could I, in principle, work out theoretically where the peak gain should occur - is...
  7. gxa

    Finding Peak Values & Calculating Efficiency from Energy & Count Data

    At the end of the measurement I made with a detector, I only have the energy and count values as in the attached excel file. How can I find the peak values with the data I have and calculate the efficiency?
  8. H

    Peak of the amplitude resonance curve

    Hi everyone, I'm stuck on how to show the peak of the amplitude resonance curve is at wd = w0√(1-1/2Q^2), where Q = w0/γ. My first instinct is to take a derivative of something and set = 0, but what eqn?Help?
  9. R

    Interpretation of Net Peak Area in Gamma Spectroscopy

    Hello, My question relates to gamma spectroscopy. I understand how the net peak area is calculated for any photopeak. Fortunately, gamma-spec software (e.g., Genie-2000 from Canberra) provides Net peak area and associated uncertainty (for Cs-137 661.7 keV peak, as an example). My question: are...
  10. T

    I Are Peak Moment and Peak Torque Equivalents in Biodex Dynamometry Measurements?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong section as it isn't particularly medical in nature despite it being about the body. I am currently conducting a rapid review with outcomes of knee muscle strength. This is measured by biodex dynamometry, which assesses numerous values including Peak moment...
  11. I

    Question about the Peak and Average Power of a Laser

    Hi, I am reading paper that I have to give a quick presentation on. I want to calculate the average power and peak power of the laser used, a Ti:Saphire laser. I have the wavelength they are lasing at (450nm), the repetition rate 81Mhz and the pulse duration (pulse width) of 100fs. I have done...
  12. T

    How can I convert that Watt peak rating to Megawatt?

    Hello everyone. I need to calculate solar energy output (E) from a solar farm. The calculations are based on values from total module surface area in m² (A), panel efficiency (r), solar irradiance (GB) and losses (L) due to dust, cold temperature and ageing, which is estimated to be 0.75. Since...
  13. Frigus

    Equal Peak Voltages in a Circuit: Is It Always True?

    In highlighted statement they are saying that vector sum of peak voltages of all components in circuit is equal to peak voltage of battery,I think they are saying this due to the fact that vertical components of both b and c diagrams are equal but what if their horizontal components are not equal?
  14. PhysicsTest

    Peak energy stored in inductor

    The figure is as shown below a. From 0< t < t1 => 0 <t<4ms, the transistor is "ON" The circuit will become like this The current ##i_s = i_L##. To know the magnitude of the current ##i_L## do i need to know the impedance of the inductance or since it is DC voltage the impedance is not...
  15. V

    Handle Peak Inrush Current of a BLDC Motor to protect the Power Supply

    I have to use a BLDC motor combined with a BLDC motor driver (X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1) The motor has a rated current of 7.3A. So i am planning to use a 36VDC 13.9A power supply (SMPS). The problem is that the PS that i want to use has a "HICCUP mode" for overload protection and not a "constant current...
  16. R

    B Differences between peak dose and peak dose rate

    What is the difference between peak dose 100 kRads (Si) and peak dose rate 10 x 10^12 Rads (Si)/s? Can someone explain?
  17. O

    Chemistry 1H NMR: Unsymmetric Peak Multiplicity and J Values

    The peaks all look unfamiliar, no symmetry, or very little, and they all integrate to a small number of hydrogen while being surrounded by a large number. Here are the images.1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) Thanks for any explanations. I don't expect anyone to do it for me, I just have no other...
  18. derpydashie6167

    Minimum work needed to climb to the top of a peak

    f=ma=71.5*9.8 = 700.7 I know this is not right because he is also going up against gravity but I don't know what else to use for acceleration. I don't know the angle but I assume it is a 90 degree cliff. w = (Fcos90)1380 = 0. But zero is not the correct answer.
  19. P

    What Should Manufacturers Specify: Peak Power or Average Power in Audio Systems?

    It is an example problem and i could understand the solution and the answers are ## R = \frac {V_{rms}^2} {P_{av} } = 9.6 \Omega## ##I_{rms} = \frac {P_{av}} {V_{rms}} = 12.5 A## ##p_{max} = VI = 2P_{av} = 3000 W## But main problem is the statement given by the author below the solution which...
  20. .Scott

    The Peak Day of a Very Active Atlantic Hurricane Season

    I just took a peek at the NOAA Hurricane site: NOAA Atlantic Hurricane Site It's pretty crowded out there: 4 disturbances and 2 tropical storms. I have never seen so much activity. Here is a screen shot (from 9/11/2020): If there are more storms (and this is just the middle of the season)...
  21. Jon Zimmer

    Relation between electric motor and battery current, peak etc.

    Good afternoon guys, I was making some researches about building my own EV and its' specifications but I have a few no direct answered questions and some of them I humbly ask the help for you guys, based on the configuration example below. Considering that I hypothetically have an electric DC...
  22. CricK0es

    Engineering How to find RMS, and Peak Voltages of this signal?

    Hi all! I have a complex waveform, something like what I have attached, and I need to extract the RMS and Peak Voltage from this. However, this signal can and will change after a number of cycles on a certain setting. So, this means the period and duration of pulse can change and so can the...
  23. S

    Peak Amps of a heat pump based AC vs compressor based AC?

    In my city (USA) typical older houses have "100 Amp service" so their peak electric usage is limited to 100 Amps. In considering what sort of electric air conditioning system to install in such a house, peak usage is major consideration. Generally speaking, which type of residential unit...
  24. K

    COVID Peak of the number of daily deaths caused by Covid19

    Around the mid of april, I had done some calculations to get some numbers for daily deaths in my country due to covid19. It was really simple, just a gaussian without taking into account any other factor. I concluded that if the peak of daily deaths occurred on april 30, we would have about 500...
  25. Luke Tan

    I Peak of Analytical Fourier Transform

    In a numerical Fourier transform, we find the frequency that maximizes the value of the Fourier transform. However, let us consider an analytical Fourier transform, of ##\sin\Omega t##. It's Fourier transform is given by $$-i\pi\delta(\Omega-\omega)+i\pi\delta(\omega+\Omega)$$ Normally, to find...
  26. NTL2009

    Automotive Design Factors for ICE Peak HP versus RPM?

    I'm thinking about the large (for the 1960's) farm tractors I drove, that produced lots of low end torque, and max RPM was ~ 1800 ~2200 (from memory). Are there certain design factors to maximize horsepower at these low RPMs, versus a common auto engine that might peak around 5,000-6,000 RPM...
  27. johnboyman

    Trying to calculate the peak current of a Capacitor bank

    Hello I am building a Tesla Coil. I built it well I attached an image of the circuit I used. I bought a 15,000 volt transformer rated at 30 ma. I think it is too small for my tesla coil because it keeps blowing a fuses and a red light turns on. Here are the specs. -Inductance (L): 17 uH...
  28. areamer02

    How do peak flow meters measure flow rate?

    I am in pharmacy school and my professor recently went over lung diseases with us. An important (and cheap) tool that many patients can use to detect whether their lung function is declining is a peak flow meter, which tells the patient how much air they are moving when they exhale with as much...
  29. Arman777

    1D peak algorithm (correct implementation)

    array_values = [[0], [0,0], [1,2], [3,1,2], [1,2,3], [4,6,2,1], [8,9,0,2,1]] def peakfinder(xarray): if len(xarray) == 0: print("You entered an empty error !") raise ValueError if len(xarray) == 1: return xarray[0] if len(xarray) == 2: return...
  30. M

    A What is the bulk plasmon peak?

    When I read “Extraordinary optical transmission through sub-wavelength hole arrays”, I saw this figure but I don't get the bulk plasmon peak at 326 nm. What is the mean of bulk plasmon peak?
  31. bbbl67

    Calculating Solar Mass using peak Doppler shifts

    Homework Statement Imagine two planets orbiting a star with orbits edge-on to the Earth. The peak Doppler shift for each 70 m/s, but one has a period of 7 days and the other has a period of 700 days. The star has a mass of one solar mass. (Assume 1 solar mass equals 2E+30 kg.) Q1: Calculate...
  32. Enzo777

    Automotive Finding the Peak Pressure of a Diesel Injection Pump

    I am trying to find peak pressure of a diesel engine injection pump.. It doesn't have to be exact but +/- 1000psi would be fine. The basic principle is the same as an engine. Piston goes up and covers a fill hole, once it is covered the only way it can flow fuel is through the injector, so...
  33. S

    Peak wavelength and Spectral Bandwidth

    Homework Statement Calculate the expected peak wavelength and spectral bandwidth (in units of wavelength) of the emission for both a GaAs and silicon LED at liquid nitrogen temperature (77 K) and room temperature (300 K). Which of these cases would you expect to result in the best emitter and...
  34. N

    Convert Power to a Peak Voltage, when to multiply by sqrt(2)

    I have a dBW value and dBW I understand to normally be given as representing a RMS Power (however this is not specificically ever stated and I am told its just assumed?) from dBW to Watts = 10^(dBW/10) This then gives RMS power in Watts At what point do I convert this from a RMS to a peak...
  35. M

    Effect of load and load distance on peak and avg power

    I am trying to create a lever which has mass on one end and i need to lift the lever. A picture showing the lever setup is in this link: https://imgur.com/WeH4oK7 The system is like seesaw ( from -20 degrees to +20 degrees at constant angular velocity for time period 't') The input angular...
  36. B

    I What does peak intensity mean in qualitative XRD?

    If diffraction angle 2θ represents Miller indices, what does intensity represent particularly in the context of quantitative XRD?
  37. S

    Need help to explain the peak of thermal conductivity

    Progress This is the experimental data of thermal conductivity of stainless steel 304L at low temperature. The data is calculated with the Fourier's law of thermal conduction. I checked many times in the excel file and I confirmed that there is no mistake in the calculation. The parameters are...
  38. K

    When should the drag coefficient of a rocket peak?

    Hi, When considering the drag coefficient of a rocket in transonic/supersonic flight, I always expected the drag coefficient to peak at exactly Mach 1 due to the abrupt increase in pressure that occurs when breaking the sound barrier. However, I have been looking at several websites and...
  39. S

    I Kilovoltage Peak role for an X ray tube

    Hello everyone, while reading about the X ray tube, I came across this: https://radiopaedia.org/articles/kilovoltage-peak In the second paragraph, it is stated that: "The radiation dose to the patient is directly proportional to the square of kV." I understand that by accelerating the...
  40. Perodamh

    What is the resonant frequency and peak current drawn

    Homework Statement A series RLC current having a resistance of 40ohms and inductance of 400mH and a capacitance of 300microfarad is energized from 50Hz, 200V A.C supply. Find i) Resonance Frequency of the circuit ii) Peak current drawn by the circuit at 50Hz iii) Peak current drawn by the...
  41. J

    Peak torque and power for an elevator motor

    Homework Statement A loaded elevator acge has a mass of 1500kg and a countermass of 1000kg. The cage is accelerated with 2m/s² to 1,4m/s and lifted to a height of 15m and stops at stand still. The inertia of the motor or the radius of the cablewheel is NOT given. The steady state speed of the...
  42. C

    MHB Peak in single ODE within a system

    Hi all, I have the system of nonlinear ODEs: $$ \begin{align} \frac{dX}{dt}=&-k_+ A X+k_-Y \\ \frac{dY}{dt}=&\ k_+ A X-k_-Y-\alpha k_+ X Y +\beta Z \\ \frac{dZ}{dt}=&\ \alpha k_+ X Y -\beta Z \end{align} $$ I also have a conservation law that says $D=X+Y+2Z$. Obviously it is not possible to...
  43. E

    Question regarding peak torque in first gear

    Hello,I have been trying to wrap my mind around this question for a long time.So I thought it is best the way to share it with you. For a given car speed,the greatest acceleration comes when we are at peak horsepower RPM.This is true for any gear except the first gear.Because in any other...
  44. CarmenGonzalez

    [Nuclear Physics] photoelectric peak

    Homework Statement The material of which a gaseous detector is constituted has the following values of mass attenuation coefficients for a given photon energy: Rayleigh: 0.0084 cm2 / g Photoelectric: 0.071 cm2 / g Compton: 0.022 cm 2 / g Calculate the relative intensity of the photoelectric...
  45. H

    Multimeter Peak Voltage Reading

    Hi, I need to find the peak voltage of the ac current produced by the sensor connected to the alternator on my motorcycle. The workshop manual recommended a peak voltage adapter which goes on a multimeter. I don't want to buy this expensive thing. I was wondering since Vp=Vrms*sqrt (2). I can...
  46. E

    Peak amplitudes of E and H fields (Poynting Vector)

    Homework Statement What are the associated peak amplitudes of the E and H fields if sunlight has a maximum intensity of 1400 W/m2 on the earth’s moon? Homework Equations I = <s> = 1/2 c ε0E2The Attempt at a Solution I = <s> = 1/2 c ε0E02 1400 = (1/2)(3*108)(8.85*10-12)(E02) 1400 /...
  47. DoobleD

    I Getting the wrong multipole for 1st acoustic peak

    I'm trying to do a simple calculation, but there must be something wrong. The wavelength ##\lambda_1## corresponding to first acoustic peak of the CMB is related to the sound horizon at last scattering, ##d_{hs}##, by : ## \lambda_1 = 2d_{hs} ## (see for instance slide 14 on Wayne Hu PDF...
  48. C

    N-body random peak velocity of passing particles

    I've been experimenting with my own N-body simulation and I've found a seemingly unsolvable problem. When 2 particles cross paths exactly the peak velocity varies according to how close they are at their closest point and they either fly off the screen or slow right down, I can add an offset to...
  49. S

    I Alpha Spectroscopy: Why does Peak Resolution Change?

    I'm trying to understand why peak resolution changed in my alpha spectroscopy experiment. I've increased the distance between a Am-241 source and a silicon surface barrier (semiconductor) detector and taken spectra along the way, recording information about peak height and FWHM. As the...