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I General question about how objects move nature (discrete or continuous?)

  1. Jul 15, 2017 #1
    Hello everyone! I hope I write in right forum branch. The reason is that I have a question in my mind for a while. Maybe you can help to understand it.

    So, I am game developer, and one time I was using 2d physics engine to simulate motion in game. And I found out that in that engine, for example, 2 objects exist. First object moves with speed X and second with X*2. In this simulation second object just skips 2 times space at a time. And i was curios, is the same thing heppens in real life?

    Is it any smallest step that moving objects do? And how are objects move, in basic level? Do they teleport a bit forward? If some object moves 2 times faster then another object is he doing more steps or is he doing jumps for more length? Is it possible for objects to get past each other in great speed if they are doing greater step in movement?

    I mean I see how objects moves every day. But how are they doing it on basic level?

    I hope I dies not sound very stupid and I hope you will answer.
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    As far is as known, and certainly as far as we can measure, the belief is that space-time is continuous, not discrete but there ARE those who think otherwise.
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