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General Question Kinematics Units

  1. Sep 26, 2009 #1
    Sorry for asking this dumb question.

    The units for displacement is m. The units for velocity is m/s. The units for acceleration is m/s^2.

    When dealing with kinematic problems would it be incorrect to have units such as km, miles, and minutes in the answer? Should they be converted to meters and seconds to be technically correct?
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    You could say to be correct by standard (since the metric system is the closest to being the standard system). But there isn't a problem with converting units (just be careful to convert the units properly).
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    Doc Al

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    Not at all. Those are perfectly legitimate units for distance or time. Of course, usually they'll expect you to give the answer in standard units, but not always.
    Before using any kinematic formulas, you would be wise to convert all quantities to standard units such as meters and seconds. Once you get your answer you can convert it into any units you like.
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