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Generate fluted pipe geometry in ANSYS

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    I am trying to make a spirally fluted pipe in ANSYS. I made the cross section as in the attached figure and sweeped on a straight line perpendicular to plane of the cross section. However I get a sort of a drill bit instead of the required spirally fluted pipe. Is there an issue with the cross section or the way I sweep ? Also is there in blog/forum for help on ANSYS issues. Thank you very much in advance 18870865_10155077565896253_1621426967_n.jpg 18836287_10155077566996253_707314310_o.jpg
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    You cross section has a sharp step in it. That looks wrong to me.
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    That shape can be generated in several ways but one way is to draw a cross section of one half trough + one full lobe + one half trough and then rotate and translate .

    Merge the join line and trim the ends flat to complete .
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    Try a cross section similar to the valve cam on a car?
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