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Geometry books for pre college level including olymiad level

  1. May 31, 2012 #1
    please suggest the books 'must do' in eucleodian geometry for elementary and pre college level.
    Is doing 'Advanced Eucleodian Geometry' by Roger A.johnson enough?
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    To learn Euclidean geometry, the best book would probably be Elements. If you can get your hands on those older volumes, it would really be nice.

    Roger Johnson is good, here are some more suggestions

    0) Kiselev's Geometry
    Very basic, if you need a solid introduction to the subject.

    1) Coxeter - Geometry revisited

    2) Coxeter - Introduction to geometry. (I'm doing this one right now)
    Very detailed and has much more than Euclidean

    3) Edwin Moise
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