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Suggestions for College-Level Geometry books?

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    I am not currently taking a Geometry class, but I've always been interested in Geometry and I'm now looking for a good College-Level Geometry book. All the ones I have checked out from my school's library claim to be College-Level, but mostly talk about subjects I remember learning about in High School Geometry. Any suggestions on good Geometry books that focus on subjects beyond what you learn in High School?
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    i recommend euclid plus hartshorne's Geometry: euclid and beyond. he teaches the college course at berkeley from those. or look on my webpage for a free set of notes from "epsilon camp"

    they seem to start easy but may get harder (they end with finding the volume of a 4 dimensional ball).

    http://www.math.uga.edu/~roy/camp2011/10.pdf [Broken]

    or try a book by john stillwell or david henderson.
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    Thank you! This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.
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    Or how about Geometry and Topology by Reid and S. ?
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    There's also Isaacs' Geometry for College Students. I haven't read it, but his books on abstract algebra and finite group theory are excellent, so I expect this one should be very good as well.
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    Coxeter's Geometry Revisited and Moise's Elementary Geometry from an Advanced Standpoint.
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    I also enjoyed Coxeter's Introduction to Geometry. It covers a range of topics pretty well. The prereqs for understanding this book aren't high, but somehow it gets difficult as soon as you look at the exercises.
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